Character Creation


Feel free to use any race available in the first 3 chapters of the Advanced Race Guide. Everything else, however, is off limits.

As far as character classes, the use of Samurai, Ninja, Ronin, Gunslinger, and Summoner are prohibited. Other base classes are fair game, though no usage of class archetypes is allowed (with the possible exception of some racial class archetypes; consult DM before using, however).

As for feats, spells, prestige classes, etc., do not count on the use of any of these prior to DM’s inspection and approval, unless they are out of one of the following books:
-Core Rulebook
-Advanced Players Guide
-Advanced Race Guide
-Ultimate Combat
-Ultimate Magic
-Ultimate Equipment
-Bestiary 1-3 (in the case of familiars, animal companions, and so on).

Use standard ability point buy with 20 points.

You will receive bonuses (though I haven’t picked exactly what kind yet) for having a detailed back story, character motivations, personal relationships such as family, and so on. These bonuses may well increase if these details include things that could cause some form of problem for your character (for example if you were to have a close friend who is constantly getting captured, or perhaps you have a severe phobia or obsession of some sort). These things may or may not come up during the course of the game, as I’m not going to go out of my way to have each and every family member you mention in your background get kidnapped. That’s not to say all of your family members won’t be captured, but it’s not particularly likely unless something along those lines would make lots of sense to have happen.

Character Creation

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